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How Do I Apply?

The Trustees ask that applications be made as far as possible through their school or college, although individual requests are also accepted particularly from those who are in further education.

Requests for major grants for educational benefits are examined by the Grants Committee on a six-monthly basis (bids to be with the Clerk by 1 March or 1 September) and payments are made after approval by the Trustees at their General Meetings generally in June and November.

The Chairman and Clerk have delegated authority to deal with “hardship” grants (generally less than £350) for individuals in need of urgent financial assistance at any time, with payments usually being made through their school or college.

Individual Grant applications over £350 max £1500 for the 2023/2024 academic year need to be submitted to the Clerk by 1st March 2023.

Payment will be subject to holding a valid offer from an accredited UK University or College and the Student having a UK Bank account in their own name.

Application Forms




Completed Application Forms should be sent to the Clerk, Mr C Newcombe, at 8 Earl Godwin Close, Fareham, Hants, PO16 0DW (e-mail:

Are you eligible to apply?

Follow this link to find out who can apply for a grant and if you’re eligible