Structure and Governance

The Governing Document of the The William Price Charitable Trust is the 1993 Charity Commission Scheme which appoints the William Price Trust Company as its trustee.

Other than assets held in Trust, the Trust Company holds no assets and with no financial transactions in its own right, its accounts are dormant.

The Trust has 19 trustees, of whom three are incumbents of the Fareham town parishes, three are nominated by those parish councils and four others are nominated by appointing bodies – the Bishop of Portsmouth (1), Fareham Borough Council (2), and Hampshire County Council (1).

Up to a further nine members are co-opted and these, as far is practicable, through residence, occupation, employment or otherwise have special knowledge of the area or are, or have been, teachers in the area. These Trustees meet on a regular basis to decide how much money is available and to whom it should be given.


Outdoor Activities Options at St Francis School

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Outdoor Activities Options at St Francis School

Day to day management of the Trust

Day to day management of the Trust is delegated to the Company Director and the Company Secretary, who are Chairman and the Clerk respectively of the Charitable Trust.

There are three committees who advise separately on policy, finance and grants, and those of the Finance and Grants Committees report every six months to a General Meeting of the Trust Company. The Finance Committee is assisted in the management of its assets by a professional financial adviser who reports regularly to the committee and works closely with the Clerk, who is the only employee of the Company.

Members of the Trust

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