Who now benefits from the Trust?

Close to the wishes of the original benefactor, the Trust now has as its objects the promotion of education amongst persons under the age of 25 who are resident in the old parish of Fareham (not the same as the Borough of Fareham). It should be noted that this original single Parish is now split into three; St. Peter & St. Paul, Holy Trinity with St. Columba and St. John the Evangelist. The types of grants permitted are established by the Charity Commission and are wide-ranging. Schools in the area can be provided with educational benefits for which funds are not normally provided by the education authority, individuals can be assisted with fees, travel, outfits, clothing, books, etc., and there is provision to promote education in the doctrines of the Church of England. As William Price also made provision in his will for the “poor widows”, the Fareham Welfare Trust also receives an annual grant.

What sort of Grants are awarded

At present many of the individual grants awarded by the Trust provide assistance for pupils whose families are in financial need to take part in educational visits. These can vary from assisting a youngster to go with a school outing to the “Battlefields of Europe” to more major assistance, for example with a drama project to Beijing. However, the Trust also supports many other applications where, for example, individual children need help with school uniform or the purchase of specific course equipment. As far as possible it is left to schools to make the assessment of need and then to apply to the Trust as and when necessary.

Photos courtesy Fareham College

School Grants

Grants to schools are more wide-ranging in nature, although inevitably in this day and age computers and related IT equipment have been the focus of frequent requests. A major requirement for many Headteachers has been the need to improve their school grounds and play areas and to establish gardens emphasising the importance of outdoor education. The Trust has also assisted with the conversion of spaces to provide libraries and books, Drama and Dance studios and numerous other subject specific projects.


Want to apply?

Follow this link to find out about who can apply for a grant from The William Price Charitable Trust