The Governing Document allows the trustees to give grants towards the education of persons under the age of 25 who are resident in the benefit area and are in financial need.

This benefit area covers an area bounded by the parishes of Holy Trinity with St Columba, St John the Evangelist, and St Peter and St Paul (these are the old parish of Fareham). Note that this does not cover the Borough of Fareham which is much larger although it does include the area of the old Knowle Hospital. The parish boundaries can be accessed via the following websites:

Assisting and supporting both individuals and educational establishments

The Trustees place their emphasis on assisting and supporting both individuals and educational establishments in the study of those subjects and the pursuit of those activities which, in the opinion of the Trustees, do not command adequate priority in education.

The types of project that are given priority are those that enrich the quality of life and widen horizons, encourage participation and appreciation of the arts, develop good citizenship and encourage help in the community and local environment. Assistance can be given to eligible persons with fees, travel, clothing, tools, books, etc., both at school, college or later.

Grants can be given to local schools in or substantially serving the benefit area for educational benefits not normally provided by the local authority.

Whole School Art Project

Whole School Art Project, Ranvilles Infant School

Want to apply?

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